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Biovalley Labeling

march 2024

As part of a FRANCE 2030 call for projects, Sounduct has received the labeling of the Grand Est health cluster - BioValley France - for its hearing aid project.
The Board of Directors of the Cluster voted in favour of this label indicating that "the innovative nature of the solution and the plant design not only perfectly meet the criteria of the call for projects but also aim to provide a revolutionary solution with a strong patient benefit".

Janus de la santé 2024

march 2024

Under the aegis of the French Institute of Design, a multidisciplinary and independent jury awarded Sounduct the "Janus Santé 2024".
This label of excellence, created in 1953 - and now sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade - rewards the design of our hearing aid for the following five criteria:

  • Ergonomics for the user
  • The emotion transmitted
  • The ethics of the system
  • The economy of the project
  • The general aesthetic

Award 2023 - CIC Start Innovation Business Awards

december 2023

Out of 1158 companies, Sounduct won one of the 3 national trophies at the CIC Start Innovation Business Awards, "a multi-regional competition to reveal the companies that move society".
Sounduct was awarded the "Impact" prize, which "rewards an established company with a positive impact on the Tech ecosystem or the environment (Woman in Tech, Ecoresponsible project, Tech for Good, GreenTech, etc.)".

Award 2023 - Fondation Force

june 2023

Sounduct is the Laureate of the 2023 Trophies by the Force Foundation for Innovation and Health Research.
Since 1991, the Force Foundation has supported innovation in technologies, organizations, and behaviors across all health domains.
The Foundation is chaired by Prof. Jean Sibilia, and its Scientific Council is presided over by Prof. Jules Hoffmann, the Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 2011.

Individual Incubation SEMIA – Quest for Industry

june 2023

Quest for Change sought the creation of an incubator dedicated to industrial project holders considering their specificities.
Sounduct had the opportunity to join the Quest for Industry program, which contributes to the development of the industrial attractiveness of the territory and supports projects from the prototype phase to their industrialization.

France 2030 PIA4

march 2023

Sounduct is the laureate of the “Innovation Project” call for proposals launched by the State and the Region Grand Est.
As part of France 2030 regionalized, the 4th Programme of Investments for the Future, operated by BPI France, the French State and the Region Grand Est have granted a joint subsidy to SOUNDUCT to address its industrial feasibility issues.

BPI France Seed Loan

march 2023

Following our initial fundraising round, BPI France, with the support of the Grand Est Region, granted a seed loan to Sounduct to contribute to the company's development.
BPI France Régions and the European Investment Fund (EIF) participate in guaranteeing this funding.

Individual Incubation SEMIA – Quest for Health

december 2022

The Quest for Health incubator offers tailored support to medtech, biotech, and e-health startups in the creation or early stages, developed by experienced former healthcare entrepreneurs.
This support enables Sounduct to acquire all the keys for successfully launching its medical device.

Bourse French Tech Emergence

june 2022

BPI France confirmed its confidence in Sounduct by awarding it this grant aimed at deeptech companies whose innovation presents:
- A differentiating advantage from existing offers
- Strong entry barriers
- A long and complex go-to-market strategy

Région Grand Est - Support for Initial Startup Development

summer 2022

The Grand Est Region awarded Sounduct a significant grant for its initial development stages. The Region emphasized that it had “chosen to prioritize the quality of life and attractiveness at the heart of the region's priorities”.

“Deeptech” Label

janvier 2022

Sounduct was awarded the Deeptech label by BPI France. The deeptech label is granted to companies with an innovation that:
- has high added value
- is based on technological breakthroughs
- is protected by industrial property assets

Individual Incubation SEMIA – Quest for Change

december 2021

Sounduct is incubated by SEMIA, a member of the Grand Est incubator network: Quest for Change.
SEMIA is a leading incubator in France for Medtech and Biotech companies.

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